FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions.

Below, we have our most common FAQ with general answers to them.  If you require clarification on any of the information below, please contact us any time by using our [contact us] form.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metal, such as copper.  Since pure silver is too soft to be of practical use, sterling silver is widely used as jewelry.  All items we sell are made of solid sterling silver.

Will your silver jewelry tarnish?

All sterling silver oxidizes and tarnishes over time.  The speed and severity of discoloration depends on use and environmental factors.  Although we cannot guarantee that our products will not discolor over time, we use varying modern jewelry manufacturing techniques to prevent tarnishing as much as possible.  Historically, some prefer the natural oxidized look of sterling silver and consider it as patina that adds character and uniqueness to the jewelry.

What are your crystals and stones made of?

You will see that most of our stones are described as "lab created" or "created" crystals, gems, or stones.  They all refer to synthetically made crystals, properly known as cubic zirconias.    Our cubic zirconias are of highest quality and they are produced to be pure crystals with brilliant facets that produce maximum fire and luminosity.

Do you have product warranty? 

Although we do not offer any extended warranty for our products, all the items we sell are backed by our no hassle 30 day return policy.  Restrictions and conditions apply.  For more information on our return policy, please click [here].

Where are your products made?

All products are made with pride in USA.  Every single item we produce is made from conception to completion in Los Angeles. 

Why do you need 7 to 10 days to ship?

We produce every single item made to order and it takes 7 to 10 days for us to ship.  Please note that this is production time only and you must also add the necessary courier time for delivery.  By making them when you order, we keep our inventory low and we allow us to frequently adjust and improve our production process.

What is your shipping speed and policy?

We ship all orders through USPS (United States Postal Service).  For domestic packages within the 50 states of US, total delivery time is 14 to 21 business days (7 to 10 days for production time plus up to 7 to 10 days courier time).  For international packages destined outside the USA, total delivery time is up to 40 business days (7 to 10 production days plus up to 30 days courier time).  Other conditions apply.  For more details, please click [here].

Do you ship outside the USA(internationally)?

Yes.  We ship internationally, but due to the complicated customs laws of countries around the world, restrictions and conditions apply.  Please view our policies regarding international packages [here].

Where is my order?

For addresses within the 50 states of USA, if you do not receive your order after 21 days from your order date, please contact us with your order number.  For international packages destined outside the USA, we are not responsible for shipping issues once the package departs our location.  Here is the link to our contact form.  CONTACT US

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, but please consider that all items are made to order.  Cancellations incur extra cost and time to our production line.  This increases the price of our items for everyone.  Therefore, please consider your orders carefully before placing them.  Please double check the millimeter dimensions and the ring sizes carefully before placing an order.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is 30 days from the day the order arrives at your address but please be advised that we must receive a written return request from you via email within 21 days of your orders' arrival.  To clarify, you have 30 days to return the item back to us but you must send us your intent to return the item within 21 days of order arrival.  For your convenience, we provide free return shipping for all returns within the 50 states of the United States.  For international shipments, we do not responsible for any return shipping costs.  Some other rules apply.  For important details on our return policy, please visit our return policy page [here].

Are your rings size adjustable?

No.  Our rings cannot be altered in any way.  Therefore, please double check your sizes before placing an order.  We use the US standard ring scale and produce the rings exactly to the size you order.  Please do not assume your size but double check to make sure that the item will fit properly when it arrives. 

What if I want the same ring with a different ring size?

Please note that we produce the rings exactly to the specific size you order.  We use the standard US ring size scale and we are not responsible for any size mishaps.  Since the rings cannot be sized, you would have to make a new purchase of the size you wish and return the original item subject to our return policy.  Please note that the new ring will take 7 to 10 days to ship as it is with all of our products.  Thus, please double check your ring sizes before placing an order.  For more information, please visit our return policies page [here].

How do I return my item?

Please follow the steps outlined below to return your item.  For more detailed return policy explanations, please see [here].

1.  Please note that we must receive your return request within 21 days of the package arrival date.  We also must receive the return item back within 30 days of the order arrival date.  Excessive sign of use or damage may result in a restocking fee.

2.  All return requests must be done in writing by sending us an email to email@givemesilver.com or by using the [contact us] form.  Please include the order number for proper processing when you request a return request.  Also, if you wish to use your own method of return shipment, please let us know so that we do not send you a prepaid shipping label.

3.  We will send you a return authorization confirmation within 48 hours of receiving your return request email.  In the email, there will be further instructions on how and where to send the return.  Also, for all returns within USA, a prepaid shipping label will be attached the return authorization email for your convenience.  

4.  Once we receive your return package.  We will notify you by email and start the refund process. We are only able to post refunds to the original method of payment to purchase the item.